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Explore our tiny house blog and find out about the latest happenings within the tiny home movement! Learn about the latest trends in tiny living and find helpful informational guides to get you on the road to tiny living. We cover everything from mobile tiny homes to campers, skoolies, vans, and so much more! With new types of tiny homes popping up every day we've got our ear close to the ground and focused on the latest tiny house trends.

Why Modern Tiny Homes Are Growing In Popularity

Tiny house in a field

In recent years tiny homes have exploded in popularity! This has led to an enormous increase in both the types and styles of tiny homes available on the market. Methods of construction have become increasingly varied from wood two by fours all the way to solid steel beams. In addition to other methods of tiny living such as vans, campers, yurts, and skoolies, there are always new and interesting forms of modern tiny homes popping up on the scene. Methods tend to also vary greatly depending on whether the house is built by a professional contractor or assembled at home...

DIY Tiny House | The Most Important Tools for Building A Tiny House

Hand tools on wooden background

One of the most frequently asked questions by DIY tiny house builders is, “What tools will I need to build a tiny house?” You’ll often find greatly varying responses depending on experience, skill, and budget. For those with larger budgets you’ll often see lavish tools labeled as being integral to the building process, but this guide is for those looking to build a tiny house with the smallest reasonable budget. This brief overview is designed for beginner to novice individuals searching for a more concrete idea of which tools they should consider purchasing before pursuing a DIY tiny house build....

Tiny House Mortgage? I Interviewed An Owner to Find Out More

A couple of days ago I reached out to a Reddit user that was receiving a lot of social media attention for her idyllic and modern tiny house. I wanted to find out the story behind the build, and what I learned was both surprising and inspiring! Not only was she kind enough to share her background and the path that led her to owning a tiny house, but she was also the first person to receive a tiny house mortgage in the country of Norway - and at a much lower interest than a typical mortgage. First of all,...